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Trading as the Community Development Assistance Project  (CDAP) ,  the principal involved with this site aims to empower individuals, groups and organizations through knowledge transfer in the acquisition and development of no / low cost government - owned real estate and government programs access .



Isaiah Miller Sr. M.A., Community Planning and Development Consultant Consultant 

Fulfillment Center: P.O. Box 22031, Alexandria, VA 22304


The core focus of this website is the reporting of information in four areas that are critical  to successfully engaging in this initiative.


 (1) HOW TO buy government - owned real estate that is potentially available at no / low cost;
 (2) HOW TO secure government grants and free technical assistance; 
 (3) HOW TO engage a non-profit organization, the fastest business growth industry, and
 (4) HOW TO use"Diversity in Empowerment", my180 p.p. book, which incorporates all the core
      activities promoted on this site and pathways and tools needed  for empowerment.   
 The details of these 4 CORE FOCUS areas are shown in the MENU SECTION on the left side of each website page.   
Mission Statement:
The primary business goal for this company is to provide clients with advisory consultations nationwide using telecommunications and the Internet.                                    
Please read the disclaimer statement for this site. It is accessible from the menu section of each page.

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